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Dynamics CRM “5” change requests

I would like to introduce my personal list (neither short nor long, it will depend on my verbosity  ) of changes I would to see in the future release of Microsoft CRM, codenamed “5” (MICROSOFT DO YOU HEAR ME?):

  • Ability to export and save in a readable format (XML, CSV, Excel, whatever) the list of subjects: it’s a real ‘p-i-t-a’ to recreate the whole list every time you create a new environment!
  • Ability to customize the relationship entity: one of my client has this kind of scenario (see below), where a contact can have multiple roles in multiple accounts with different emails or phone numbers, depending on the relationship with the account


  • Ability to define attribute-security levels: clients are always asking for this security level! They always have one or more fields that can’t be read by “normal” users
  • Ability to create a case from a task: why isn’t possible out-of-the-box (you can do it from phone calls & emails)? Imagine a scenario where you are working in a call-center: if you need to escalate a call, you *could* create a task to tell you colleagues what to do to resolve an incident, therefore the task should be converted to a case (yes, I know you could do it with a workflow rule 😉 )
  • Ability to change the user’s business unit by just selecting it in the lookup and not by having to go in the menu!
  • Ability to configure the SMTP server like in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3!
  • Ability to upload & include pictures in Knowledge Base articles
  • TbC

xRM…or the natural evolution of CRM

Has any of your clients asked you, one day, how the “Sales” module in Microsoft CRM cxRMould be used in a “purchasing” environment?

Usually, Quotes are created for product you sell, not for product you buy!

Eventually, my last client asked me about it: how can I map my purchases in Microsoft CRM? Of course, one could always tell him to use an ERP software but in this particular case, the client can either buy or sell products.

Let me explain:

I work for this client as a supplier meaning that I “sell” my services and my client “buys” them. He wants to be able to track this behavior in his CRM. Which led us to a peculiar discussion around all the process involved and the way he could achieve it in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (4.0 in this case).

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My thoughts about CRM and Open Source

I do like CRM software, especially Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Why do I like it?

  1. I’m a .NET guy (not geek!)
  2. I really enjoy working with Windows 7 (I also like Linux with KDE but it’s another story)
  3. I’ve know a bunch of things about Microsoft CRM since the first release (1.0) a few years back
  4. I’ve had some big projects around Microsoft CRM in the past 5 years
  5. Beyond some annoying limitations, you can verticalize it just by using the web interface (and go further with VS2008 and so on)

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