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CRM 2011: Thunderbird compatibility

Well, this one is a recurring question: is Microsoft CRM compatible with other email clients such as Thunderbird?

Well, the simple answer is “No sir”, but I’ve found myself thinking about creating a free plugin that will give the ability to convert emails in Thunderbird to CRM emails and to synchronize contacts (at least from the Thunderbird address book to CRM).

It is a very much anticipated development but I already have the skeleton, and thanks to Microsoft CRM 2011 REST feature, I think I might end-up getting things to work.

What do you think, would such a plugin be useful to you? Feel free to comment and give me advices Clignement d'œil

CRM 2011: The RC version is here!

As stated on various blog around the world, the Release Candidate version of Microsoft CRM 2011 is finally here!

I’ll updating soon, if not today, to see what has changed and what has been corrected Winking smile

Stay tuned!

Some links:

CRM 2011 Server RC


CRM 2011 Outlook Client


Language Pack


Email Router




SharePoint Connector


CRM 2011: Global launch event

“Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 9am PST” is the date you can’t miss!

Quote from the web page http://crm.dynamics.com/2011launch/:

“Attend this FREE global virtual launch event and watch Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduce Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Learn how it is designed to help you boost sales, improve marketing, enrich customer service interactions, and accelerate line of business application development through xRM.

Hear keynote presentations by Kirill Tatarinov (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions), Michael Park (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions), and Brad Wilson (General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM).”

“In addition, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a sneak peek view through engaging demos.
  • Hear success stories from real customers who put Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to work for them.
  • Choose from 15 different tracks especially designed to suit your business, industry or IT needs.
  • Chat live with Microsoft experts and other customers in real time during the event.”

Ready? Register here.

CRM 2011: Installer le connecteur SharePoint 2010 pour Microsoft CRM 2011

Une nouvelle fonctionnalité de Microsoft CRM 2011 est la possibilité d’utiliser SharePoint 2011 pour l’intégration des documents CRM.

Cette fonctionnalité était longuement attendue et pouvait être implémentée dans la version précédente de Microsoft CRM (4.0) en utilisant du code (voir ici et ).

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