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CRM 2011: Error 404 while using internal claims authentication

This error has driven me crazy for a while: while using Microsoft CRM 2011 in IFD-mode, the external authentication would work correctly but not the internal access!

DNS were working correctly, the TMG server was configured correctly, the SSL certificate was correctly bound to the internal & external (we are using a wildcard SSL certificate) and ADFS was set up per the Microsoft installation document.

Now, to resolve the internal access issue, I had to remove the “:443” from the Deployment Manager Web addresses:


And now everything is working properly Sourire

CRM 2011: ADFS error 317

While deploying a new CRM 2011 environment at a client site, I got errors with my ADFS setup:

  • We used a wildcard certificate for all servers (on the same domain), purchased from RapidSSL
  • ADFS is on a separate server
  • CRM 2011 is on its own server
  • DNS internal entries were made and could resolve correctly to both servers

The problem occurred right after enabling claims in CRM 2011 Deployment Manager: the internal CRM address specified in the deployment manager could not be resolved and a couple of 317 & 364 errors were logged on the ADFS server.

I tried creating SPNs for both servers, remove and import the certificates again on both server, recreate the relying party for CRM, etc. but with no correct results.

Since the SSL certificates were created with lowercase characters for the domain, I changed the CRM web addresses to lowercase as well, which made the ADFS authentication form appear!

But I could still not get passed the 317 error after logging in with valid credentials…

Then I found this post were a PowerShell command was shown:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Adfs.PowerShell

Set-ADFSRelyingPartyTrust -TargetName RPNameInADFS -EncryptionCertificateRevocationCheck None

Reset IIS on the ADFS server and voilà, it worked for me!

CRM 2011: Thunderbird compatibility

Well, this one is a recurring question: is Microsoft CRM compatible with other email clients such as Thunderbird?

Well, the simple answer is “No sir”, but I’ve found myself thinking about creating a free plugin that will give the ability to convert emails in Thunderbird to CRM emails and to synchronize contacts (at least from the Thunderbird address book to CRM).

It is a very much anticipated development but I already have the skeleton, and thanks to Microsoft CRM 2011 REST feature, I think I might end-up getting things to work.

What do you think, would such a plugin be useful to you? Feel free to comment and give me advices Clignement d'œil

How-to series: Create-and-deploy a “template” organization

Okay, now this post is going to show how to quickly export a complete CRM 4.0 organization, which includes:

  • customizations
  • reports
  • workflows
  • mail-merge templates
  • email templates
  • contract templates
  • plugins (only those who have been deployed to the database)
  • data

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